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TIME-LIFE World War II in 500 Photographs // TIME-LIFE World War II in 500 Photographs

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TIME-LIFE World War II in 500 Photographs

Autor: The Editors of TIME-LIFE
Editora: TIME-LIFE
Media: Paperback
Número de Itens: 1
Número de Páginas: 272
ISBN: 160320993X
Data da Publicação: 2014-05-13

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Product Description
World War II, fought from 1939 to 1945, engulfed the globe in a shattering struggle over national sovereignty and individual rights. It was also the costliest battle in history in terms of human life, with millions perishing in combat, in concentration camps, and under the rubble of crushed cities. This gripping and epic battle is brought powerfully to life on every page of Time-Life Books' World War II in 500 Photographs. Inside, you'll find: Key events, battles, and turning points, year by yearProfiles of the war's leaders, heroes, and enemiesMemorable quotations and firsthand accountsColor maps and photo timelines From the Nazis' early rise to power to Victory over Japan Day, this essential guide brings you to the front lines of the war that changed our world.





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